Our newspaper
During two workshops, working together, the participants designed the first newspaper of our project.
The learners were divided in four groups: - Geraldine (Spain), Vida, Ilma, Laima (Lithuania) and Stephano (Italia) worked with Sophie (France), Verona (Romania) and Margit (Austria);
-Margarita(Spain), Vida, Edita, Adele, Alma (Lithuania) and Raluca (Romania) worked with Zeki (Turkey) Rita (Lithuania) and Carolina (Spain);
-Mapi (Spain), Rodica (Romania), Daiva, Mantas, Zita, Genovaite (Lithuania) worked with Rossella (Italy) and Christian (France).The multicultural teams established, in the first workshop on 3rd of July the title as well as the main sections of the newspaper.
In the second workshop on 5th of July, the learners continued to prepare the project’s newspaper according to their tasks.
Then presented their work and made the design of the common newspaper.
After the meeting the partners will add information and photos in the final version of the newspaper.
The newspaper was a good opportunity for the participants to communicate in English and improve their language skills.
The partners decided to make the other editions of the newspaper in the next meetings.


In the nice environment of Porto Hotel in the evening of 3rd of July, the partners spent the specials moments by playing together a bowling match. The best player and the winner was Christian from France.


Learners from abroad are at the centre for disabled in Plunge

Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Turkish, French, Austrian came to Lithuania for a Grundtvig Project and they visited Plunge Adult Education Centre and they joined the activities of weaving, applied textile and pottery workshops.

International Intercultural FRIENDSHIP!
Two days ago, student’s Project went to a Lithuanian folk art workshop in a Center for Disabled in Plunge.
All the students said that it was a great experience which they felt the love that teachers and disabled students put in all their works. The purpose of this center is to integrate them in the society.
This center has three areas, pottery, weaving and applied textile and it’s decorated with a lot of pictures, flowers and carpets. The Colour is the first thing you could see there. Teachers are very involved in their work, it’s like a second home for them. They listen to music while they work, they laugh and they learn how to work in groups.
Student’s project had the opportunity to work one hour there and live a real experience. A few of them went to the pottery, some of them to the weaving and the rest to the applied textile. They could learn how to make a carpet, a clay bowl and a flower made from cotton. The only thing they could finish was the flower as other activities need much time to finish.
The most really interesting thing of this experience was the comments of some students:
- Geraldine commented it wasn’t so easy to make the carpet because it’s a work where you need to be very strong.
- To Laima it was a nice experience because she usually does applied textile and she has never done a flower from cotton..
- Mapi was impressed for the love that these people put in all their works.