Language Unites Europe


Welcome to Lithuania 1 p.

The new project „Languages Unites Europe“ was launched
in Turkey 1 p.

From here to discover a new world 1 p.

Flash news 1 p.

An interviev about icebreaking activities 2 p.

Workshop in the center for disabled 2 p.

People from abroad are at the center for disabled in Plunge 2 p.

Publishing a Newspaper 2 p.

Bowling game 2 p.

Festival of experimental archaelogy ,,Days of live archaelogy
in Kernave“ 4-6 July, 2010 3 p.

Hiking together in Zemaitija (Samogitia) National Park 3 p.

Festival‘s interview 3 p.

Feelings from our hearts 3 p.
The new project ,,Languages unites Europe“ was launched in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey on 23-27 November, 2009

  • This meeting took place smoothly and efficiently, because there were the most intelligent and the most creative teachers - the project organizers.
  • Turkey is a friendly country and its people are very sincere.

1 – 7 July, 2010 Plunge. Welcome to Lithuania!

We got a lot of new impressions during the project meeting. We met people from other countries and learned about the work which they did during the project. Also, we had the opportunity to find out what we will do next.
While we were preparing for the meeting, we got interested in traditions, culture, dishes, nature and people’s characters of different countries. Besides, we learnet about participants‘ work, hobbies, pets etc.
Furthermore, we could represent our country, its traditions, language and nature. We showed famous places of our district. The most important thing is that during this project we had a chance to communicate with each other and learn the English language.
European project helped us to meet a lot of new people, visit other countries and see them at close range.

Perfect chance to meet in Gran Canaria and enjoy the beautiful places and lovely weather


“From here to discover a new world“

  • GALA dinner will be given in OAZE Guest House Restaurant where the Partners stay. This is the traditional way of saying goodbye to each other at the end of the meetings.

  • Tomorrow morning , the partners of the project will have an excursion to Nida. They will visit the museums and see the Baltic Sea. They will have a tour by boat.

  • Next “LANGUAGE UNITES EUROPE” project meeting will be held in France between 05th and 10th of October, 2010.