1.Potatoes – 1,5 kg.cepelinai.jpg
2.Potatoes(boiled and minced) - 0,5 kg.
3.Eggs – 2
4. Potato starch – 4 tablespoons.
5. Salt, pepper – to taste.
6. Bacon for cracklings, sour cream.
7.Minced meat – 1 kg.
8. Onions – 2
Thoroughly wash 0,5 kg of potatoes and cook with the jacket. Cool, peel and mince them.
Peel the rest of the potatoes and grate them. Grated potatoes are squeezed through gauze, as dry as possible. Let potatoes juice to stay until starch sinks. Then, pour juice into the water where cepelinai will be boiled. Boiled potatoes, grated potatoes and the starch stir well, put the salt.
Mince bacon, add finely sliced onion, salt, pepper and mix well. Then, form the desired size pienes from potatoe dough, place a piece of minced meat on it and squeeze it up. Rotating between the palms of the hands form cepelinai. Put them in large quantity of salted boiling water and boil. When cepelinai come up to the surface, boil for 15 - 20 minutes.
Cepelinai are served with bacon cracklings and sour cream sauce. Finely chop the bacon and fry, then put chopped onions, fry until they get brown. At the end add all sour cream and stir well.
Enjoy your meal!